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Family Histeridae

            Tribe Hololeptini

 Hololepta lucida LeConte

Description and Taxonomy

Length 9.0-11.0 mm. The genus belongs to the tribe Hololeptini, which is characterized by the presence of a narrow prosternal lobe, free labrum, antennal cavities situated under anterior angles of the pronotum, dentate protibiae with sinuate protarsal furrow, antennal club with V-shaped annuli, porrect head with strongly projecting mandibles and flattened body (Kryzhanovskij & Reichardt 1976, Kovarik & Caterino 2000). One genus of the tribe is found in eastern N. America, with two widespread species both recorded in GSMNP.  This species may be diagnosed from its other congener by the complete1s dorsal striae and the presence of distinct punctures along lateral margins of the prosternum

Life History

The species is found under the bark of freshly dead trees, primarily poplars (Bousquet & Lapalante 2006), but also is attracted to slime fluxes (see the Nosodendron unicolor page for a description of this microhabitat) (Kovarik & Caterino 2005).  In GSMNP, the species was collected at slime fluxes and by pitfall and Lingren funnel trapping at 460-670 m  elevation.


 Widespread in N America, from Hew York to Illinois and Florida to Louisiana (Bousquet & Lapalante 2006, Tishechkin, unpublished).

Conservation Concerns

Not under threat.

Locality records in GSMNP.


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 Posted 13 August 2007, A. K. Tishechkin, Louisiana State Arthropod Museum.

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