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Family Carabidae

            Tribe Pterostichini

 Pterostichus  (Paraferonia) lubricus  LeConte

Description and Taxonomy

Length 9.5-10.1 mm. This small black Pterostichus species has iridescent elytra and is easily distinguished from similar species by the shallow elytral interneurs, 6 and 7 of which are almost effaced. In addition, the species is characterized by the  obvious transverse groove on the right mandible, finely margined prosternal process, single posterior impressions on each side of the pronotum, and presence of three discal setigerous punctures on the 3d interval of the elytra (Ball 1965).  The subgenus is precinctive in the Nearctic Region and contains only one species under consideration. The genus itself comprises about 180 species in the Nearctic Region, about twenty of them inhabiting GSMNP (Ball and Bousquet 2001).

Life History

The species is brachypterous and hygrophilous, living mainly near seeps, creeks or streams in mixed hardwoods. In GSMNP adults can be found beneath rocks or in litter in appropriate shady wet places at middle altitudes (600-1400m).  Specimens from GSMNP were collected during April-September. Teneral specimens were found during September, suggesting that the adult stage overwinters. At  Porters Creek (H=1030m) the species was taken in company with another Pterostichus species, P. palmi.


This species is a southern Appalchian endemic that occurs from Virginia in the north to northern Georgia and South Carolina in the south (Bousquet and Larochelle 1993). The species is comparatively rare and known only from few localities in GSMNP. 

Conservation Concerns

Not under threat.

Habitat of  Pterostichus lubricus



Locality records in GSMNP.


Development of these pages was supported by grants from Discover Life in America and the National Science Foundation (DEB-0516311). Photograph of habitat courtesy Yuliya Sokolova, Louisiana State University.


Ball, G. E. 1965.  Two new subgenera of  Pterostichus Bonelli  from western United States, with notes on characteristics and relationships of the subgenera Paraferonia Casey and Feronina Casey (Coleoptera: Carabidae). Coleopterists Bulletin 19: 104-112.

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Posted 2 Oct.. 2006, I. M. Sokolov, Louisiana State Arthropod Museum.

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