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Photogallery of Various Inquilinous Coleoptera, Exclusive of Histeridae and Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae

Patyrhopalopsis sp Thai D.jpg

Platyrhopalopsis sp. (Carabidae: Paussinae) from Thailand . Host unknown.

Paussus Ghana D.jpg

Paussus sp. (Carabidae: Paussinae) from Ashanti, Ghana. Host unknown.

Limulodes LaSelva D.jpg Limulodes LaSleva V.jpg

Limulodes sp. (Ptiliidae: Cephaloplectinae) from Heredia , Costa Rica . Host, Eciton vegans. Dorsal and ventral habitus.

Vatesus sp D.jpg Vatesus sp V.jpg

Vatesus sp. (Staphylinidae: Tachyporinae) from Heredia , Costa Rica . Host, Eciton burchelli. Dorsal and ventral habitus.

Ecytocryptus sp. D.jpg

Ecitocryptus sp. (Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae) from Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Host unknown.

Ecitomorpha arachnois D.jpg

Ecitomorpha arachnoides Wasmann (Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae) from Orellana , Ecuador . Host, Eciton burchelli.

Euparixia sp D.jpg

Euparixia sp. (Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae) from Veracruz , Mexico . Host, Atta cephalotes.

Alloscelus paradpxus D.jpg

Alloscelus paradoxus Boucomont (Scarabaedae: Scarabaeinae) from DR Congo. Host, Dorylus (Anomma) spp.

Iveolus inflatic D.jpg

Iveolus inflaticollis Howden & Gill (Hybosoridae: Ceratocanthinae) from Orellana , Ecuador . Host unknown.

Astaenom multip D.jpg

Astaenomoechus multipunctatus Howden & Gill (Hybosoridae: Ceratocanthinae) from Colon , Panama . Several species in the genus are associated with arboreal carton nests of nasute termites.

Gnostus Colomb D.jpg

Gnostus meinerti Wasmann (Anobiidae: Ptininae) from Magdalena, Colombia. Host, Crematogaster sp.

Fabrasia sp Beliz D.jpg

Fabrasia sp. (Anobiidae: Ptininae) from Belize . Host (for the genus), Camponotus spp.

Dacoderus striaticeps D.jpg

Dacoderus striaticeps LeConte (Salpingidae: Dacoderinae) from Arizona . Host unknown.

'Mymeconycha' Onkone D.jpg

Undescribed genus of flea beetles (Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae: Alticini) from Orellana, Ecuador. Host, Pheidole sp.