Checklist of the Bothrideridae (Coleoptera) of Louisiana


Matthew L. Gimmel

Louisiana State Arthropod Museum

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA  70803

phalacrid(AT) (replace "(AT)" with "@")


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Last updated: 08 September 2009


3 genera, 4 species



Bothrideres geminatus (Say, 1825)

                Distribution: Bossier, Natchitoches, West Feliciana

                Source: LSAM (det. M.A. Ivie; M. Gimmel); Stephan (1989: 18)


Prolyctus exaratus (Melsheimer, 1846)


                Source: Stephan (1989: 15) (state record only)


Sosylus costatus LeConte, 1863

                Distribution: Bossier, East Feliciana, Natchitoches

                Source: LSAM (det. M.A. Ivie; S.A. Gil; M. Gimmel)


Sosylus extensus Casey, 1897

                Distribution: East Baton Rouge, Vernon, West Feliciana

                Source: LSAM (det. M.A. Ivie; S.A. Gil); Stephan (1989: 14)


Stephan, K. 1989. The Bothrideridae and Colydiidae of America north of Mexico (Coleoptera: Clavicornia and Heteromera). Occasional Papers of the Florida State Collection of Arthropods, 6: 1-65.

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