Overview of LSAM Research.

Current research projects

Documenting Beetle Diversity in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The LSAM serves as beetle twig (taxonomic working group) for the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a long term effort to document all life within the park's boudaries.


  • Histeridae of Louisiana (Alexey Tishechkin)
  • Comparative Studies of Histerid and Staphylinid: Pselaphinae Beetle Faunas in the Neotropics (Alexey Tishechkin and Chris Carlton). This project targets the study of local faunas of histerid and pselaphine staphylinid beetles across the Neotropics. Data for four sites well-sampled for these taxa (LaSelva and Las Cruces, Costa Rica, San Lorenzo, Panamá, and Yasuní, Ecuador) and for ca. 15 sites with representative sampling of the subfamily Pselaphinae and the inquilinous subfamily Hetaeriinae and are being collected and compiled. 

Staphylinidae: Pselaphinae

  • New Zealand pselaphines (Chris Carlton in collaboration with Rich Leschen and Donald Chandler). A proposal is pending (August 2011) at the National Science Foundation that would fund a complete inventory of this diverse group of beetles in the south temperate forests and grasslands of the New Zealand region, including offshore islands.


Coleoptera of Coarse Woody Debris


  • Beetle Tree of Life project (Chris Carlton, participant)
  • IBISCA - Panamá 2003-09 (Investigating the Biodiversity of Soil and Canopy Arthropods). Alexey Tishechkin, Chris Carlton, and Andy Cline are part of an international research team of this Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute-led project with responsibilities in fieldwork (pitfall and flight intercept trapping, 2003-04) and sorting/analytical (4 target beetle families, 2004-06) stages of the project.