If you are in more than two of these photos, aren't faculty or staff, and are still here, then perhaps it's time to think about graduating.

2008 Lab Group

2008 Lab Group. Left to right, Michael Ferro (Grad. Assist.);
Matt Gimmel (Grad. Assist.); Igor Sokolov (Post Doc);
Alexey Tishechkin (Post Doc); Chris Carlton (Director);
Victoria Bayless (Curator);
Stephanie Gil (Grad. Assist.);
Jong-Seok Park (Grad. Assist.) (Photo, E. Watson)

2006 Lab Group

2006 Lab Group. Left to right, front,
Victoria Bayless (Curator), Alison Hepperman
(undergraduate intern); Chris Carlton (Director),
Stephanie Gil (Grad Assist.); rear, Michael Ferro (Grad Assist.),
Dmitry Chouljenko , Matt Gimmel (Grad Assist.),
Alexey Tishechkin (Post Doc).

2004 Lab Group

2004 Lab Group. Left to right, front, Victoria Bayless
(Curator), Erin Watson (Grad. Assist.),
Stephanie Gil (Grad. Student);
rear, Dmitry Chouljenko (undergraduate intern),
Alexey Tishechkin (Grad. Assist.), Chris Carlton (Director),
Igor Sokolov (visiting specialist), Andrew Cline (Grad Assist.)