LSAM Faculty, Staff & Students

2011 lab

2011 LSAM Lab Group (left to right), Jong-Seok Park, Stephanie Gil, Michael Ferro, Jim Wyant, Mehgan O'Conner, Casey Herraghty, Chris Carlton, Melissa Ausburn, Victoria Bayless, Owen Jones.

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More People

Christopher E. Carlton

Christopher E. Carlton - LSAM Director and Professor of Insect Systematics. Graduate student training, teaching, strategic planning, research, diagnostician, extramural funding.

Victoria Moseley Bayless - LSAM Curator. Specimen and database management, diagnostician, logistics, budgets.

Igor M. Sokolov - Former NSF postdoctoral researcher and frequent visiting scientist at the LSAM. Currently Schlinger Postdoctoral Fellow at the California Academy of Sciences. Carabid systematist.

Michael L. Ferro - Ph.D. graduate. Currently Extension Associate in charge of Dr. Hummel's blueberry website initiative and continuing work on Entomology Training Wikis and instructional modules. Dead wood.

Jong-Seok Park - Ph.D. student. Staphylinid specialist, especially Pselaphinae and Aleocharinae.

Stephanie Gil, M.S. - LSAM graduate. NSF project database specialist.

LSAM Graduates and Former Faculty and Staff

Cheryl B. Barr - Former LSAM Curator 1985-1990. Recently retired as Curator, Essig Museum of Entomology, University of California, Berkeley.

Andrew Cline, Ph.D. - LSAM graduate. Biosystematist, California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Matthew L. Gimmel, Ph.D. - LSAM graduate. Postdoctoral researcher, University of Kansas Natural History Museum, Lawrence, KS.


Debra Murray, Ph.D. - LSAM graduate. Research Scientist, Duke University, Durham, NC


Alexey K. Tishechkin, Ph.D. - LSAM graduate. NSF postdoctoral researcher, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

Erin Grindley Watson Horzelski, Ph.D. - LSAM graduate. Assistant Professor, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA.


Joyce Fassbender, M.S. - LSAM graduate. Ph.D. candidate, City University of New York


Dmitry Chouljenko, B.S. NSF undergraduate researcher. Currently Ph.D. candidate, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. Mad Dog Marathon namesake.


Melissa Dean, B.S. Undergraduate researcher. Nature Conservancy, Hilo, HI.


Lisa Peri McGougan, B.S. Undergraduate Researcher, Dallas, TX.

Visiting Researchers


Joan Chapin and Vernon Antoine Brou, Jr.,
2008 (Professor Emeritus, LSAM and avocational
Lepidopterist from Abita Springs, respectively). < Click here for Vernon Brou page, including links to all publications.

Donald Chandler (left), 2010
(University of New Hampshire, Durham)

(Full disclosure: this photo was taken in New Zealand, but it really is Don, and he really was here.)

Sergey Kazantsev, 2005 (American Museum of Natural History, NY)

Richard Leschen

Richard Leschen, 2003 (Landcare Research, Auckland, New Zealand)

Sean O'Keefe, 2003 (Morehead State University, Morehead, KY).

Ainsley Seago, 2004 (CSIRO, Canberra, Australia).

William Mauffray (left)
(International Odonata Research Institute, Gainesville, FL)
and Gayle Strickland (right), 2004.

Charlie and Sue Staines, 2004
(Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC)

Other Notable Personalities

CEC with G. W. Bush, 2003, lobbying for
improved systematics funding in the U.S.

Muffin, 2006. Lab mascot and recipient of award
for least competent aquatic organism. Suffers from
a lack of self-esteem but never in a bad mood.
Update 2011: Muffin is the proud mother of numerous progeny.

Karl Stephan

Karl Stephan (1932-2005), world's
greatest beetle collector.
Photo, H. W. Robison, 1990.