Feliciana Preserve Natural Area



Winter view of the cabin from across pond.

Collecting Group

4 Nov. 2012. Litter and dynastine collecting. Left to right, Chris Carlton, Brittany Owens, Sadatomo Hisamatsu, and Mike Ferro.


Location: U.S.A., LA, West Feliciana Par., Feliciana Preserve

Feliciana Preserve is a privately owned nature reserve and research area in the Tunica Hills area of southeastern Louisiana. It includes 150 acres of forested land 35 miles north of Baton Rouge owned or co-owned by 4 current or former LSU faculty members. The development is a model for conservation through private ownership. Four lots totaling 31 acres are designated for the individual owners and 119 acres are contained in a natural area protected by a conservation easement with the Louisiana Nature Conservancy. One lot has a cabin and a 1 acre pond that is a frequent site of social gatherings and field headquarters for research projects among faculty, students, and friends.

Though the property was selectively logged in 1959, the forest has regenerated into a typical mixed mesophytic hardwood forest. Forest habitat in the Feliciana Preserve includes beech, magnolia, yellow poplar and various oaks as co-dominant tree species, with mature loblolly pines that are in the process of replacement by hardwoods. Large numbers of mature trees were blown over by a tornado during spring 2000, and a localized fire affected part of the area in fall 2000. A second order stream and riparian zone is also located on the property. Several Ph.D. and M.S. projects and surveys have been conducted at Feliciana Preserve involving vascular plants, snakes, moths, spiders, beetles, ants, and litter insects. This area harbors disjunct populations of a number of mainly northern plant species, presumably as remnants of southerly range shifts during Pleisocene glaciation. Several recently described species of beetles (e.g., Endomychidae; Micropsephodes lundgreni) have been discovered and additional rare or undescribed species are known to occur there (e.g., Staphylinidae; Micropeplus spp.).

Dynastines in hands

Fourteen Phileurus trucatus larvae from a single dead standing tree, collected Nov. 2012 and reared to adults, Feb 2013.

Management, use, and research on the property is controlled by the Feliciana Property Owners Association, which qualifies as a 501 c 3 privately operated foundation of the Internal Revenue Service Code.

For more information about the Feliciana Preserve contact Dr. Dorothy Prowell, President, Feliciana Property Owners Association.

To request a copy of the Feliciana Property Owners Association IRS Form 990-PF, contact Dr. Chris Carlton, Treasurer, Feliciana Property Owners Association.

Critter Cams 2012-2013

Trail camera photos from Bushnell TrophyCam Trail Cameras. Use browser back arrow to return to page after viewing image.

2 Feb. 2013: Edge of the Swamp Pond. Dorothy has been claiming that we have hogs on the property for a year. Now we know for sure. Also, a pretty picture of deer wading around the edge of the Swamp Pond. The date stamps are wrong, but would be mid-late January.






15 Dec. 2012: All from one of the Blue Trail Creek crossings, with views of a temporary pool. Nothing really new in this set and that bobcat is beginning to seem like an old friend. The racoon group grope is impressive.






21 Nov. 2012: Cute picture of a vigilant rabbit, which, as we know, is on everyone's menu.


9 Nov. 2012: Not much new in this series but some nice shots of our pack of coyotes, including the dark one.







Oct. 2012: Mike Ferro and I set up dueling cameras pointed towards each other. It's a quiet time in the woods but we got some nice shots of critters.



Bobcatgoing2 27Sep2012

Bobcatgoing3 28Sep2012

Bobcatreturn1 27Sep2012

Bobcatreturn2 27Sep2012

Bobcatreturn3 28Sep2012



CuteBabyDeer 4Oct2012


July 2012: Camera is looking down at a big down tree on "Blue Trail." Apparently summer is slow in the woods at the preserve, but we got our best bobcat picture. Now, if the critter would just hold still.

BobcatJuly12: Ignore time/date stamp on this one.

7 Apr. - 20 May 2012: Camera is looking down one of the temporary creeks on the "Blue Trail" at the first crossing.



Bobcat18May12: Detail of above, brightening up and separated from the glare of the sunny area. Grainy, but take your glasses off or step back a couple feet and it looks better.


Trespassers22Apr.12: And illegal turkey hunters!!!

Turkeys29Apr.12:More turkeys.

Turkey17Apr.12: Couple of nice shots of a turkey in the creek bed.


Coyote20Apr.12: Our second coyote shot.

5 Mar.-6 Apr. 2012: Camera was moved to a tree overlooking Hammer Creek on the north side of the property. We had a series of flooding rainstorms and Hammer Creek rose a good eight feet, filling Crittercam with water and nearly sweeping it away. Careful tinkering revived it. Highlights included our first bobcat (mostly) and a beaver. Also, by special request, a turkey crossing the creek. A series of shots of industrious racoon activity is not shown.

Bobcat7Mar12: Camera didn't trigger in time to get the front of the head, but the diagnostic black eartips convinced us its a bobcat.

Beaver20Mar12: Classic shot of a beaver cruising downstream.

Turkey28Mar12: Proof that turkeys cross creeks!

18 Jan.-23 Feb. 2012: More shots from the seasonal creek view.

coyote29Feb12: new species of the week! We'd heard them plenty of times, but this is our first image.

bigbird24Feb12: great blue heron.

otter25Feb12: a very wet body and tail.

18 Jan.-23 Feb. 2012: Camera was moved a couple of times and mostly just capture more deer and squirrels. These two shots were taken in one of the various seasonal creeks that run through the property.

bunny23Feb12: surprisingly, this was our first rabbit. We just don't see them very often. Could either be eastern cottontail or swamp cottontail. Hard to tell from the picture.

blotter23Feb12: this image is blurry, but it has the unmistakable profile of a river otter. We were surprised to see one in deep woods like this, but Thompson Creek is not far away, so maybe they wander about using these little creek beds. Igor said we would get a weasel if we put it in a creek bed!

18-29 Jan. 2012: Same location as set three. Featured event is a hawk attack on a squirrel. We had probably 10 shots of the squirrel hanging out at the base of the large tree on the left. We weren't the only ones keeping tabs on the little fella. Coopers hawk is our preferred ID based on size estimate and width of tail, though both are hard to assess due to the acrobatic orientation. Could have been sharp-shinned. (Time stamp is still 12 hrs off.)

29Jan12squirreltree (view this one first): 7:51 am.

29Jan12coopershawk (glare from the sun made this a challenge, but its pretty obvious what happened): 8:10 am. The squirrel reappears soon, so the hawk misssed. or there was more than one squirrel.

1-17 Jan. 2012: Middle of property off blue trail (check time/date stamp for event information).




17Janfind the squirrel 1

17Janfind the squirrel 2

17Janfind the squirrel 3

17Janfind the squirrel 4

17Janfind the squirrel 5

17Janfind the squirrel 6












26-31 Dec. 2011: Yellow ("East") Trail about 100 m E of cabin overlooking ravine with small stream. Time still off by 12 hrs. The only thing we got here was a trespasser.

29Dec11HunterDude1 He gets his picture taken...

29Dec11HunterDude2...and notices the camera, but doesn't molest it. Camera was subsequently relocated to Blue Trail.

9-25 Dec. 2011: Orange ("Ridge") Trail about 100 m SW of pond overlooking a small grassy clearing on trail. I still don't have the time set correctly, its 12 hours off. Also, these images have been brightend and up contrasted using Photoshop.











23Dec11Tampering1 In this shot someone has removed the camera from the tree, triggering a photo of the strap.

23Dec11Tampering2 Here they are pointing it up after it reset, causing it to take a picture of the treetops. Camera was found reattached and unmolested otherwise, with no images removed.

Reference (this is a night infrared image of the area without any subjects for purposes of comparison)