Louisiana WaspWatcher Program

Bio-surveillance for invasive beetles using native wasps




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Be a WaspWatcher!

Deadline 1 June 2013


Individuals in Louisiana, especially students (high school, undergraduate, and graduate students) are invited to be a WaspWatchers.


Fill out the WaspWatcher Application, email it to us, and we will send you a free collection kit and instructions.


WaspWatchers are asked to find one or more Cerceris colonies in their area and collect 50 total beetles, then mail us the beetles in the pre-paid envelope.


Student WaspWatchers are encouraged to seek research credit hours through their institution.


Participating Waspwatchers will:

         be invited to be a co-author on a poster about this activity presented at the Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, November 2013 in Austin, Texas

         receive a list of the beetle species they collected

         receive a link to high-resolution photos of species they collected









After you have found a Cerceris colony:


1. Be sure all the location information is accurately filled out on the field sheet. Keep a WaspWatcher guide with you to explain to inquisitive people about what you are doing.


2. Once you have established that wasps are flying, record the Date and Start Time of the Collection Event on the field sheet.


3. Fill out two labels, one for "Stolen" beetles and one for "Ground" beetles (beetles found on the ground) and put each label INSIDE a separate vial. Use a pencil or pen with indelible ink to write on the labels, estimate how long you will be at the site.


4. Steal beetles from wasps and search the area for beetles on the ground. Put the beetles in the proper vials.


5. When you finish, record the Stop time on the field sheet. Record how many beetles you collected and write any notes.


6. Ideally we want a minimum of 50 total beetles from a collection site. If you can/want to collect more, feel free to do so.


7. When you have finished collecting beetles from your site(s) send the vials AND Field Sheet(s) to Louisiana State Arthropod Museum in the pre-paid envelope.



Collection Kit



1. 16 collection vials with propylene glycol preservative (with MSDS sheet)

2. 2 quart-sized plastic bags

3. Printed WaspWatcher program [PDF]

4. 2 printed WaspWatcher guides [PDF]

5. Printed WaspWatcher field sheet and instructions [PDF]

6. Printed WaspWatcher labels [PDF]

7. Return envelope (prepaid) with instruction slip









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